Did you know that shopping carts are among the dirtiest items you will ever be exposed to? Yes, you read that right – and it is even nastier and contains more germs than a public restroom. Because cleanliness in shopping carts is such a big issue nowadays, a lot of states are already looking towards requiring facilities to have their shopping carts cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Sanitizing wipes is often not enough to get the job done. Supermarkets, grocery stores and the like provide grocery carts for customer's convenience. The carts are adapted to hold the customer's selected purchases. The carts thus contain food, including liquids, which in time are spilled or come in contact with the cart surfaces. Also many customers have small children who are carried in the carts. Not only it is unsanitary to continue to use dirty, unsanitized carts but in time such use could promote the spreading of disease as microorganisms will multiply where food items have been left and humans have spread germs, microorganisms, illnesses, etc It is good sanitation practice to have the carts cleaned after every use, a definite need exists for a system, which will sanitize ordinary shopping carts in a short period of time, and in bulk to not interfere with the normal distribution of shopping carts to consumers The standard practice at most stores which utilize shopping carts is to clean the carts manually by the use of high pressure steam or hot water wands and then to have the detergent and hot water rinsed away by the use of a fresh water spray. Unfortunately, manual washing of carts is inefficient so that it costs far too much per cart to clean the carts. It also leaves a mess in the parking lot. It is not uncommon for large supermarkets to have 1000 or more carts in their establishment; so inefficient manual washing of so many carts is too costly In order to eliminate all these unnecessary expenses and time losses and to enable customers to shop in more hygienic conditions SOS Disinfection Solutions provide for a complete cleaning and sanitizing system employing the atomization of sanitizer and a self contained system which can be retro fitted to any size room for holding shopping carts. With SOS Shopping Cart disinfection System you will greatly reduce the costs of sanitizing grocery carts, thus allowing the store owners to have the carts sanitized at a more frequent interval, and provide the level of sanitation to prevent the spread of illness and disease. SOS Shopping Cart Disinfection systems would provide a simple, inexpensive apparatus that could sanitize multiple carts in a matter of seconds, return the cart to service with complete confidence of customers in its cleanliness.

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