EK MEDMART provides disinfection Solutions aims to design and produce original disinfection and cleaning products in cooperation with best manufacturers and supply worldwide in shortest times.

Emergency Stretchers are one of the are the most polluted and bacterial and virus density items that you will ever be exposed . Everyday lots of patients are being transferred with this stretchers for medical,surgical operations or by ambulances to hospitals. And these stretchers easily could promote the spreading of disease as microorganisms,bacteria ,viruses, germs etc.  Our Disinfection Solutions provides a new ,unique system for the disinfection process of the emergency stretchers. Standard disinfection methods of the stretchers not only takes too long to sterilize and disinfect , but also can not meet the needs of frequent use. Stretcher Disinfection system relates to a process for the cleaning, sterilizing and disinfection of these stretchers in a short time with maximum efficiency.With its automatic pulverizing system you can totally disinfect,sterilize all these stretchers immediately after its use just in seconds.

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